CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) incorporates Somato Emotional Release and Neural Manipulation, modalities taught by the Upledger Institute. I have found these techniques  to be very complementary and offer greater benefit than any one alone. The synergistic impact of CST, SER and NM can bring about desired longer lasting results and awaken the body/mind ability to self correct and heal often before symptoms ever arise. The assessment phase of each treatment will determine the optimal balance of modalities for that specific treatment.

C-CST seeks to improve function of the central nervous system by shifting the reactionary sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to a healthier parasympathetic nervous system ( rest, digest and assimilate).Most people who are are in a dis-ease or dis-comfort state are stuck in a fight or flight response, which is designed to be short term when we need to run or fight. Modern day triggers of “fight or flight” have little to do with actual enemies or immediate threat and more to do with accumulated trauma or conscious or subconscious fears about what might happen. The price your body, mind and emotions pay in the sympathetic phase is the hindrance of vital functions that allow for restorative healing and mental and emotional clarity and the over production of stress hormones and restrictions in multiple vital systems in your body.

With great care and attention Comprehensive CranioSacral Therapy guides the body/mind back into a healthy parasympathetic state breaking the stress laden sympathetic cycle, where your body can reorganize and find homeostasis once again and allow your body to “self correct” and heal. I have found that the more we live in the parasympathetic state the easier it is to stay balanced and present in the midst of daily stressors.

One Hour- $125

Neural Manipulation (NM)

Nerves are great communicators that convey vital information between the brain and all other structures. Pain is a signal from the brain that there is interference. It can indicate nerve compression that impedes intraneural circulation and electromagnetic conductivity.

NM is a precise manual therapy used to identify and release local nerve restrictions enabling the nerves to move more freely in relation to adjacent muscles, fascia, connective tissue, organs and bones. NM also examines the effects of these local restrictions on the rest of the body in order to resolve more comprehensive dysfunctional patterns.

A “whole body “ effect is often achieved when treating a specific problem area. A Neural Manipuation treatment of a restricted joint capsule or fixation of an entrapped nerve can trigger a self correction response throughout the whole body. NM is truly a holistic therapy and while treating specific symptoms the intention is to facilitate an increased ability for the body to self correct and continue to heal.

Somato Emotional Release

Somato  Emotional  Release  (SER)  is  an  advanced CranioSacral  modality  that  uses  the  principles and  concepts  of  CST  to  free  the  body  and  mind  of  the  discomforting side  effects  of  both  physical and  emotional trauma.  SER  focuses  on establishing a  strengthened mind/body  connection in  order  to  release and  integrate the  embodied trauma and  resolve the  physical and  emotional symptoms related  to  past  events.

Often  the residual  emotional symptoms we  acquire during  a  traumatic event (auto  accident,  a  fall,  birth  trauma,  abuse,  surgery or  any  number  of  possible scenarios)  that  remains unresolved or  trapped in  the  tissue and membrane systems of  our  body  long  after  the  physical body  heals.

These  energetic blocks  referred to  as  “  energy cysts”,  if  not  detected and  released can  spread strain patterns and  interference to  other parts of  the body.  Usually our  body  will adjust and  accommodate to  these energy cysts  and  we  may  begin  to  feel  normal again but  later  in  life  these accumulated energy cysts /strain patterns may  cause  chronic pain  and  dysfunction for  which  the  origin  of  the  pain  is  unknown.  The  unresolved trauma  may  als be  experienced as  emotional difficulty,  trouble  making  decisions,  low  tolerance for  stress,  depression,  anxiety  and  general feeling  of  being out  of  balance.

In  SER ,  the  therapist  uses  specific techniques to  engage the  trapped tra in  the  tissue or  membrane allowing for an  unwinding to  occur in  order  to  evoke the  release  and  integration of  the  energy and emotion of  the  original traumatic  event.  Often  the  client will  experience heat  and  an  inner  sense  of  “  profound relief “  during a  tissue/membrane release.  Although most trauma is  usually violent in  nature,  Somato  Emotional Release usually occurs with  greater ease.

Vitality Assessment Session (Welcome Session) 90 min. $125


The Vitality Assessment Session  allows you the opportunity to address your needs and concerns and discuss your intentions regarding your health and wellness. This initial session will offer you a chance to deepen your understanding about CranioSacral Therapy, ask questions and experience the deeply therapeutic effect of a one hour CST   treatment. After the session you can share your thoughts and insights and I will offer my holistic evaluation and we can discuss the possibility of CST  as  a  path  toward  a  healthy,  balanced,  vital,  pain  free  life!

Included  in  the  90  minute  Vitality  Assessment Package:

*  new  client history and  wellness interview

*  CST  whole  body  evaluation 

*  re-evaluation after  session with  self  care  recommendations