Remote Collaborative Healing

Remote Collaborative Healing is a guided healing modality that can be received in the comfort of your home.The goals of Remote Collaborative Healing are similar to the intentions of traditional CranioSacral Therapy, to soothe the central nervous system by shifting the reactionary sympathetic nervous system ( fight or flight ) to a healthier, restorative parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest and assimilate). Effective in dissolving accumulated trauma and reducing the overproduction of stress hormones, this modality facilitates restorative healing  and  increases  mental  and  emotional clarity.  Remote Collaborative Healing is  a  co-creative  process that  empowers  the  client  to  self  direct  their own healing by  utilizing specific techniques, deepening a  trust in  their intuitive ability to  balance,  restore and  heal,  leading to  a  healthier,  radiant and  more  fulfilling life.

How to prepare 

Prior  to  your  Remote Collaborative Healing session please  find  a  quiet space  where  you  will  not  be  disturbed for  an  hour. A  comfortable chair  with  good  back  support where  your  feet  can  be  flat  on  the  floor  Is  optima. If  you  are  using a computer  or  tablet for  our  session have  it  positioned so  you  can  sit  comfortably,  with  your  hands free and a view  of  your  screen.  If  your  session is to  be  facilitated by  phone  it  will  be  most  effective to  put  it  on  speaker. 

What  to  expect  during  RCH  session

A  guided  body centered meditation will  be  utilized to  co-create  a  relaxed,  clear  field  and  heightened awareness.  Once a  clear  connection is  established we  will  be  guided  by  your  body’s innate wisdom  to  address  areas of  resistance within your  physical and  emotional systems by  utilizing focused  awareness and  advanced therapeutic dialogue. After  identifying the  resistance that  creates  the  dysfunction or  imbalance we  will  focus on  dissolving the blockages using  a  variety of  techniques including breath  work  and  attunement.  Deep  healing  requires cellular reorganization which  may  result in  a  variety of  bodily responses,  including  tissue unwinding  and  an  increased  feeling  of  heat. The  intention of  Remote  Collaborative Healing is  for  you  to  experience  profound interconnectedness  and  an  inner  sense of calm, resulting in  greater communication between every  cell in  your  body.

$125  -  One  Hour  Session

RCH  90 Minute Welcome Session 

Your  initial RCH  session is an  expanded 90  minutes to  allow  time  to  explore  medical  history, past  traumatic events and  what  you  would  like to  achieve.

$125  -  90  Minute Welcome Session